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Divine - A Calum Hood Fanfic




It was about 7 in the morning and I was exhausted. I had gotten no sleep the previous night because of what occurred that day.

My mother was currently in the driver seat, eyes focused on the road ahead. I was in the passenger seat beside her, my headphones blasting. How she knew where this location was confused me, but I decided not to test my luck on pushing her buttons. She was already on edge.

        ”How long will it take for us to get there?” I questioned.

        ”3 days,” she replied shortly, “we’re going to have to get hotels in between driving so I can rest.”

I simply nodded my head, hoping she’ll catch a glance of me doing so in her peripheral vision. I decided to use this time to get some sleep. I was currently exhausted. I slightly slouched in the seat, putting my head against the window. I shut my eyes, letting the lullaby soothe my ears into a deep sleep.

I woke up to my mother shaking me. “We’re at the first hotel.”

I sighed as I climbed out, grabbing my small bag. I had made a bag that consisted of a few basic needs such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. and a change of clothes, so it should be perfect for tonight. I should probably make one for each of the nights we stay in a hotel so I don’t have to carry up a ton of items.

We stepped inside the hotel lobby where there was a large circle of couches and chairs and a small coffee table.

"Wait here while I check us in," my mother told me, pointing to one of the couches.

I made my way over and sat down, making myself comfortable. Since I slept the whole way here I found myself to be wide awake. I looked around the lobby, taking in every detail. My eyes landed upon a man. Tall, bearded, broad, muscular, and he just so happened to be staring at me. My eyes darted away from his gaze, and when I looked back moments later, he was gone.

I rid my head of the previous encounter once my mother called my name. I slowly stood up, cautious of my surroundings.

We stepped inside the elevator as my mom pressed the ‘3’ button, meaning our room was on the 3rd floor. As if she were reading my mind, my mother said, “I got you your own room.”

We weren’t exactly the richest of people, so I didn’t understand why she could afford all of this at once, but I didn’t question it. Maybe she realized that she wouldn’t have to take care of me any time soon.

I took the key card that she was holding out for me as the elevator door slid open. We made our way out, having to pass a couple making their way into the elevator. I shuffled out of their way as I read my key card. I was room 102.

I found my room, not looking to see which one my mother occupied as I slid the key card into the slot on the door handle and waited for the light to turn green. Once it did, I hastily pulled the handle down and pushed the door open, revealing a large bed strewn with white fluffy sheets and pillows, a T.V. sitting on a large dresser, a small desk with a computer chair, a larger chair, and a small circle table in front of it. I walked over, placing my bag on the chair. I slid off my shorts, slipping on a pair of sweatpants because it was a good 30 degrees colder in this room than everywhere else. I kept my T-shirt on and finished my nightly routine.

Once I was completed, I grabbed my laptop out of my bag and set it on the desk. I plugged it into it’s charger, and then connected the charger to the wall outlet. I flipped open my laptop and entered my password. This hotel offered free wifi if you checked in with multiple rooms, so thankfully I was able to use it.

I wanted to know more about this whole… Demigod thing. I didn’t understand any of it.

I spent the whole night researching it. I searched the definition, the Gods, the Goddesses, everything. When I looked at the time I saw it was 4 in the morning. I decided to end my search, knowing I would have more time in the other hotel.

The next day was exactly the same. We drove, checked into a hotel, and I researched.

The day after, however, was my day of arrival to this “camp”. Nervous was an understatement. Why was I nervous? I had no clue. And I think that’s why I was so on edge: Because I didn’t know anything about this camp.

I tried searching the camp, but nothing came up. I tried for hours, clicking through thousands of pages, but not a single one mentioned Camp Half Blood.

We rolled up to an opening. In front of us was a run-down sign that read “Camp”, and in front of that was a small circle.

        ”This is it?” I asked, “There’s nothing behind it. It’s just a sign and a circle.”

        ”Step on the circle,” was all she replied with.

I exited the car, grabbing all of my bags. Once I did, my mother sped off. I reached my hand out, mouth open, about to say something. However that didn’t matter. She wouldn’t hear, and even if she did, she probably wouldn’t care.

I looked back, tears stinging my eyes. I took a deep breath, my heart racing in my chest. I walked up to the circle, unsure of why I was in the middle of nowhere standing on a circle. Nothing happened for a long time, which made me nervous. I closed my eyes for a couple minutes, and when they opened, everything changed.

The sign now read “Camp Half Blood” rather than just “Camp”. I could see people and buildings for miles. I let out a small gasp.

When I thought of a camp, I thought of a bunch of people around a campfire, however this is not the case.

I stepped through, every step making my heart pound harder and harder. I felt eyes fall upon me as I made my way through, careful and unsure.

I made my way to a building that had a large sign that read “Main Office” on it. I laughed because it reminded me of middle school, and I made my way inside. I went up to one of the many women behind desks and cleared me throat. I cleared my throat as she looked up. Once she saw me, her eyes lightened.

        ”Oh my goodness! It’s really you. Joanne, correct?” She gleamed.

        ”Uh, I prefer Jo, but yeah,” I awkwardly replied. How did she know me?

        ”We’ve been expecting you. It’s not very often we get a Zeus kid in here. Actually, we’ve only gotten one.”

        ”There’s more?” I questioned. I thought I would be the only child of Zeus here. Does that mean there’s a ton of people per God/Goddess? This all perplexed me to no end.

She simply laughed. She took my arm as she made her way around the desk and led me outside. She offered to take one of my bags, but I refused, letting her know I was okay.

She showed me around the place, and it was huge. We didn’t get to all of it, but that’s okay considering most of it was housing and I was tired.

Apparently here we’re “trained”. Not exactly sure what we’re training for, but I know it’s to do with our powers and whatnot.

        ”And here’s where you’ll be staying. There’s only one other person in here so you should have plenty of space. I’m sure you’ll get on just fine. I have some work to get back to, so I’ll check up on you later. Give the office a call if you need anything,” she softly smiled. I nodded as she made her way back to the building she was originally in. I took a deep breath as I entered. I was greeted with a shirtless guy doing push ups on the floor in the middle of, what I’m guessing, was the living room.

        ”Oh, uh, sorry,” I choked out turning away. I heard a chuckle behind me and some shuffling as I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned around to see the shirtless boy now clad in a plain black tee and he was smiling at me. His eyes widened as he looked down at my bags.

        ”Are you staying here?” He asked me. I simply nodded my head.

His smile stretched across his face as he brought me in for a (bone crushing) hug. I didn’t know how to react so I lightly patted his back.

        ”Finally! I’ve been stuck in here all alone since I was 13. I’m Ashton. Your brother, I guess,” he said, extending his hand.

        ”Jo. Nice to meet you,” I lightly laughed. He seemed nice. One could only hope. I did a lot of research on Zeus, and he seemed very… Intimidating.

        ”Prepare to be either praised or feared every time you tell someone you’re in the Zeus house,” he laughed back at me. I guess he could sense my unsure-ness.

        ”Why don’t I show you around a bit? I promise I’m better than the Welcoming Tour,” he giggled, “you can meet my friends, too.”

        ”Sounds good.”

I placed my bags down in one of the many bedrooms, and joined Ashton in the doorway. We exited the building. He locked the door, handing me a small silver key.

        ”Here’s a key to get in. I have tons of spares. I’ve been waiting years for this moment,” Ashton said with a sad smile on his face. My heart ached imagining a younger Ashton sitting alone in his room, crossing off days on his calendar, each marking another day without a family.

        ”I’m glad to have you here,” I smiled, trying to make him feel better, “considering my mother got rid of me as quickly as possible.”

        ”It’s okay. She’s just hurting that she’ll never see you again,” Ashton rubbed my back.

        ”What do you mean never see me again?” I gasped.

        ”Oh you don’t know?” He winced, “well, shit. Now I have to break the bad news,” he continued, rubbing the back of his neck, “mortals, y’know, only humans, can’t get in here. Only Gods and Goddesses, whether half or full, can. Not that any of our parents come here. A God or Goddess showing up here is less likely than a zombie apocalypse. And you’re stuck here. So yeah. She kinda can’t see you again.”

Tears brimmed my eyes. I thought she would at least be able to visit, or that I would be able to go home for the holidays. Every step we took made my heart sink deeper and deeper.

        ”Hey, don’t cry. At least you have me, right?” Ashton mused, slinging his arm over my shoulder.

        ”Right,” I smiled back.

I didn’t want to make Ashton feel bad, but knowing that I’ll never see my mother again tore me apart. If I had known, I would’ve spent every last minute I had with her. I wasted my final moments with her. However, I wasn’t the only one to blame here. She probably knew that she wouldn’t see me again, yet she still treated me so coldly.

Will this nightmare ever end?


Chapter 3 Coming Soon.

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